Give titles for LoL

With the invent of titles for Quests completion , it will be just right to have titles for completion and exploring labyrinth of legends . Afterall , it's the toughest content in the game


  • RotmgmoddyRotmgmoddy Posts: 916 ★★★
    Yea, this is one thing that still sort of peeves me about this line of content (RtL, RoL and LoL). Titles were made as achievements of difficult or limited-time tasks, and to be used by players as a sort of "badge of pride".

    So really, I would think it makes sense to give titles for completing/exploring LoL, as well as completing RtL and RoL. Could be a typical bronze title, could be a neon blue title, but at least it is a title that players can use to boast of their accomplishment.

    I would think the most important place for a title out of the 3 is completing LoL, because at least players who have completed RoL or explored LoL have exclusive champions that imply they have overcome those challenges. What does one have to show after completing LoL? Absolutely nothing, that's the problem.
  • Would also help see cheats if a badge was on their avatar?
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