Is power gain consistent among all champs?

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2-part question today:

1) I've heard there is some variability in power gain from hitting and being hit based on a champion's rank within a given rarity. For example, a rank 5 5* will gain more power per hit than a rank 3 5*, which will in turn gain more power than a rank 1 5*. Does anyone know how much variability there is between ranks? What kind of % power gain can you expect between ranks?

2) If there is nothing mentioning any difference in power gain in a champion's description, can we expect all champions of the same rank and rarity to gain power at the same rate? For example, Psylocke gains power from hits slower than most champs, but that is explicitly written in her description. Would 2 champs with no power gain mechanics listed in their descriptions, say Hawkeye and Abomination, have the same power gain rate provided they were of the same rank & rarity (ex. they're both 5* rank 2)?

I appreciate helpful input on this. Thanks.


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    For question one, there is a difference between ranks. I don't know the exact number, however. I think if the number of the rank is the same, power gain rate is the same. Ex: a rank 1 three star will gain power at the same rate as a rank 1 six star. I'm not totally sure about that above part, but I'm reasonably confident that that is the case.

    For two, champs at the same rank should gain power at the same rate, if their abilities don't list anything like psylocke
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    Thanks @Thicco_Mode and @Zeezoos

    That link was especially helpful and definitively answers the first question.

    Does anyone have any additional input on the second question? Unless explicitly stated otherwise, do all champs gain power at the same rate given the same rank and rarity?
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    To me sometimes it seem like mutants gain slightly less power than all other champs but I might be wrong in that case. Other than that I haven’t noticed much of a difference with anyone unless stated.
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    I initially asked this question specifically because I noticed that IMIW felt like he was not gaining power as quickly as other champs. I developed a test and found that he indeed is not gaining power as quickly as other champs of the same rank and rarity.

    I posted my findings in the bugs section along with a video and plenty of screen shots. I encourage you to take a look and see if maybe there's something I'm missing, but this seems like a bug to me.
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