**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.

Shouldn't the T5b inventory capacity be more than 8 for those with Sigil?

A couple of days ago, everybody's inventory capacity was increased to 16 t2a, 16 t4cc, and 8 t5b (which btw, was a really awesome player-friendly change). The Sigil further increases this capacity to 20 t2a, and 20 t4cc. But there is no corresponding change to the T5b inventory capacity, which is still at 8. Is that an oversight? Will this change in the future?

The Sigil used to increase the T5b capacity from 6 to 8 back when the capacity was just 6.


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