5.3 Compensation ?

Kabam I wasn't aware there was a bug that after you finished a fight sometimes it will start over and the opponent you just beat is full health and you are half health.. apparently a lot of people experienced this in heroic / master this past week.
im currently going through my completion run on 5.3 and its getting pretty bad.. in 5.3.4 on the main boss which is hypieron with power gain node and stun immunity I had to fight and defeat 3 different times because of this bug.. stun immune Hypieron on boss node with power gain is no joke and yall making me beat him 3 times in a row cuz of this bug costing me items/units its a little ridiculous. And its happening throughout the entire content its at least happened to me 7-8 times now having to redo a fight even though I won. These fights are too long for a bug like this. I can deal with the bugged parry or the very slow blocking speed but having to redo fights is crazy on content like this. Will there be any sort of compensation for players going through 5.3 right now experiencing these problems? not asking for 5 star generic awakening gem or anything crazy just some items and or units that I wouldn't of had to spend if this bug wasn't in place. Thank you


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