Is there even such a thing as NORTHEAST in the BattleRealm ?

(as mentioned in a couple of the Target Descriptions...)

Amusing thought discussion for today.

Interesting, this is 2nd time they’ve used a directional (NorthEast) reference for Red Targets this month.
But does the BattleRealm even have such a thing as North/South/East/West ?

I could be mistaken, but is the BattleRealm even a single object, or more like a collection of bodies (or parts of different worlds ripped apart and brought to this place) all floating around (similar to an asteroid field) ?

So what would it take for NorthEast to even have a meaning ?
Well, first, it would have to be a spinning object.
Even if it didn’t have an Iron Core which would generate a Magnetic Field, I guess one could just prescribe North/South to the Axis of the spinning object.

But even assuming it is spinning, when you are on the object you would need to have some basis for knowing which direction to go.
Which would normally be accomplished -either- by presence of Magnetic Field (and using a compass), or other external visual indicators that “travel” across the sky (such as a Sun, Stars, or other similar planetary “fragments”) as your object spins relative to them.

(Not even gonna delve into whether or not there actually is a Sun present to illuminate the BattleRealm or not. But ... )

We do have the “newly introduced to the game” BattleWorld, for MRoC, and at the center of the BattleRealm, which might indeed be more representative of a complete “planet” (?) which may indeed be spinning as usual. But all of our quests so far are not actually on that center BattleWorld, but rather are on some other sections (planetary fragments ?) scattered throughout the BattleRealm.

So does North/South/East/West even have a meaning within these quests ? And note, there have never been any “Compass” directional symbols (like on our Earthly Maps) present in any of our Quest Maps here.


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    Who’s the target?
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    Well considering Battle Realm is a entirely tangible area and there is a dedicated Center of the Battle Realm, as proven by the Map of the Battle Realm, yes there is a sense of North South East anf West within the Battle Realm.
    But now if people could actually get a way to tell these directions is a entirely different story
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    Well, if we can figure it out, I suppose whatever is in our Summoners spacesuit has some magic GPS or rather, BRPS
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