Help with ranking plese

RulllorRulllor Posts: 155
Dilema here. Have enough cats to r5 1 5* science champ or r2 1 6* champ....for the 5*s I've been debating between Human Torch or Quake (I don't know how to use her yet) or use the cats to r2 a 6* which are Mysterio (duped), Ebony Maw, or Symb Supreme

Tanks for the help


  • Repto23Repto23 Posts: 559 ★★★
    Imo r2 that Symbiote Supreme or learn how to play quake first then rank her as i dont see them adding her into the 6* crystal for a while
  • RulllorRulllor Posts: 155
    Thanks @Repto23
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