Optimize & De Clutter The Game!

Far too many crystals, tasks, resources, in-game currency that result in ‘meh’ and make the game look very unorganized and ever-growing. STOP adding new resources and currency and PLEASE clean up what’s there. The way it is today, it’s a massive scroll-fest and waste of time/energy/motivation to click and open 50-75% of everything in my in-game dashboard. So, I suggest an Initiative by Kabam, run a Beta too for feedback, to help everyone clean this up and reduce what your game team has to reward players with and focus on.

For example, streamline and automatically trade these in and up for players by converting them upon receipt. Determine and set trade-up criteria and do it for all when players reach levels and milestones like uncollected, etc.

You could apply to all premium crystals, arena crystals, AQ map crystals, currencies, store items, menus, etc. Big task, but get started and optimize a bit as first step towards ongoing efforts.


  • BENJI830BENJI830 Posts: 223 ★★
    Further detail to illustrate what I mean and some low hanging fruit in need:
    - Arena Crystal & Uncollected Arena Crystal - have one option.
    - Lesser Solo & Greater Solo - have one option
    - Premium Crystal & Quest Crystal - these don’t need to exist. Certainly not both.
    - 3 Star & 4 Star Crystal - Combine into 1 Hero Crystal. While your at it, insert minuscule chance at 5*.
    - Uncollected Gold Crystal - why is this banked? Just auto open it when received as there is no gold max. Doesn’t even need to appear in menu. One less item to scroll through and pop.
    - T4 Class Cat Exchange - it’s 6 tiles! Create one and put 6 options within. Boom, 5 fewer redundancies.
    - AQ Map Crystals 1-7. Let players trade them up to convert. 3 Map 3’s = 1 Map 4 or something.
    - Open to more from the community
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