Incursion artifacts issue

I had a problem in incursion, so i had 53.9k and earned and stages of 6th sector and 3.3k artifacts for 5 days bonus! But i had only 55k, then a wrote to technical support they said that the maximum 55k what I can earn then I bought a crystal 5* costs 22k artifacts, and wtote to technical support the refused to help ne and said that I have to wtite in forums to get this solved! There wasn't any warning that the maximum is 55k and there wasn't any place where I can see that the maximum 55k and loat a 7.2k artifacts this is too much and it's not my fault that I lost them! What should I do! I need your help... Please help to solve this problem!


  • GamerGamer Posts: 8,220 ★★★★★
    Yes you’re fauls to no use it has always has a maximum but I’m do Agerd it not fair just that alway has that cap
  • Hunter_JabaliHunter_Jabali Posts: 15
    I hadn't heard that there is a maximum! How could I know that! I haven't any psychic abilities!
  • Blaine_94Blaine_94 Posts: 31
    I have the same problem. Yesterday i lost maybe 10k artifact and I never read there was this maximum! Have you solved it?
  • Just_grindingJust_grinding Posts: 38
    I just discovered it today when it said "Max". I wrote in to support about it, but why can't they be put in overflow? Or give you the amount that you went over? I just calculated that I lost 3,755 artifacts (ie all of the milestones). Really hope that they can make it right, but not holding my breath.
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