Mastery point as rewards in monthly quest

Many people are talking about changes in mcoc & here is one of them which i think will be useful for many!
Mastery points are hard to get as level up is the only medium where we get mastery points from, and after lvl 50 , it becomes a real struggle to level up fast, and thus, player have to play a lot of game continuously to get that level up & mastery point he needs to access a certain mastery which he can use to clear a specific quest !
Put mastery point as rewards in monthly quest ! Here is my suggestion
Heroic- 1 mastery for exploration
Masters- 1 for completion & 1 for exploration
Uncollected- 1 for completion & 2 for exploration
Else upto you guys, what u think & what u do with this ?!


  • Maverick75Maverick75 Posts: 249
    In the past Kabam decided to put a limit in mastery points to force players to choose between masteries. Otherwise all players would have the same masteries.

    I am a veteran in the game, at the top of xp level. I’d like to have a couple points more to improve some of them. But not as much and as often as you suggest.
    Maybe your idea was about junior players? In that case it should be done carefully to balance between junior and veteran players.

    In my opinion Kabam could give one or two points more during the game anniversary or as a christmas or new year gift. In that way the impact would be limited and players would be less frustrated.
  • Dark_Knight94Dark_Knight94 Posts: 22
    edited May 17
    Agree with your view ! Or otherway around, kabam can add 1 or 2 mastery points in monthly calendar..but still we need those mastery cores to unlock the advanced masteries that you are talking about !! But atleast players can progess and have something atleast to go on for longer period in this game specially for those middle players btween noobs and veterans !! Who choose to play without spending any money!
  • PotatolegionPotatolegion Posts: 244 ★★
    They don't give you enough to get every mastery so that you have to choose between masteries based on the content level you're at and your current champions. Giving them out in monthly would remove this choice and basically mean players could unlock every mastery.
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