Street Fighter moves in the Battlerealm

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If you have played the awesome Street Fighter game, quite a few champs have passed their equally awesome skills to the Marvel superheroes.

Here are a few.

1/ Ryu / Ken Hadoken - Mordo special one
2/ Guile Somersault kick - Spider-Man heavy
3/ Zangief Lariat - Colossus special 2
4/ Dhalsim Jump attack - Kamala Khan special 1
5/ Dhalsim Yoga fire - Ghost Rider special 2
6/ Chunli Senretsu Kyaku - Iron Fist special 2
7/ Bison Psycho Crusher - Black Bolt / Iron Patriot special 2

Who else have these Marvel superheroes learn their trade from?


  • RezzyReznorRezzyReznor Posts: 30
    Miles used to do his best chun-li impression for his special 3. Also believe Luke cage was also similar to Cody but can't confirm.
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    What if i told you this was all a lie. What if i told you that MCOC is actually street fighter in disguise?
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