66x5 65555 9k prestige G3 ally. CABL1 Family. LFM

**Join the Cabal Coalition family! We are recruiting for our Cabal Kings [CABL1] Alliance (AQ Map 6/6/5, casual-AW)**

We have polished AQ performance! We are a team of experienced players (taking a break from Map 6 | Platinum 4). We are 27mil size. We just finished our first three months as a team, but many players are from the same team previously. Weekly rewards are 525-535 in AQ, with always over the the 300mil peak milestone yielding 5 Map7 crystals! Atop the 25 Map6 crystals too!

We are casual-AW too. To us we define that as 2 BGs, without item spend. Given our size, we expect to hit gold 3 this season.


* For this team, having at least 4 r5 champs are necessary.
* Map6 experience is a must(BG3 will start Day1 map6 as of 04/23/27)
* North American players are preferred, but any are welcome to apply!
* Recruits must LIKE playing this game and should have AQ Map 6 experience. We can show players how to grow and get to expert level (Map6|Plat4), but only if they are having fun! This is NOT a retirement ally but have options available.
* To us, enjoying the game means you probably already log in 3-4+ times a day and likely are not offline for more than 9hrs. 
* Recruits also should be ambitious to complete monthly quests to grow their accounts. 
* Donations are Gold: 250,000, Battle Chips: 24,200, Loyalty: 18,000


#Side Benefit:
If you can excel here, we recruit into a more dedicated team from within our family. Our main 5 year old team "[CABL0] Cabal Prime" (Plat 4 | Map 6x5) shows the strength of our gameplay experience.

We have created a family of alliances called the Cabal Coalition. Our mission is to allow AQ Map 6 players take a break into a Map 5 team, for Map 5 players to upgrade into Platinum AW, and to allow us to better recruit from within the family.

We even have a Map4 learning team, a map 2/3 team, and a retirement/vacation home!

Tag | Name | AQ | AW
[CABL0] | Cabal Prime | Map 6 | Plat 4
[CABL1] | Cabal Kings | Map 665 | casual-AW
[CABL2] | Cabal UA | Map 5 | Gold 2
[CABL4] | Cabal SerpX | Map 554 | casual-AW
[CABL5] | Cabal Revenge | Map 544 | Gold 2
[CABL3] | Cabal CUA | Map 32-retirement | casual-AW

Please message me on Line app: Gotszmilk


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