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Emulators in ToS.

CarossyCarossy Posts: 1,547 ★★★
Hello whoever read this thread, alright, as many of you know, Kabam has been banning accounts that were using emulator as main device to play MCOC, and many of them didn't even know why they were banned.

I know that every time you're about to play a new videogame, app or use a third party software, you MUST agree the ToS and most of the time you don't even know what you're actually accepting, with this being said, I read Kabam's ToS and (what I understood) was that you can actually use a third party software as long as you don't commit fraud, share your account, your geolocation, make promotions from external websites that not be Kabam and so many many many other things.

Summarizing, if you only use the emulator to exclusively play MCOC, buy offers, crystals, daily cards or in general use your credit card, there shouldn't be any problem if you use emulators, who knows how many accounts Kabam has suspended so far unfairly, I know a lot of people in Discord and of groups in FB that were fair players, nobody of them used hacks, mods, bots, scripts, etc., and they were all banned.

The purpose of this post is that (it's not a user idea but it should be considered to be implemented) Kabam should send an in-game inbox to warn players that they must, not should, must stop using emulators or their account will be banned, give a lapse of a week so they can get a phone, be aware that not all people can get a last-gen smartphone, specially in the world situation that we are experiencing now.

Thanks for reading, oh and, I advise you check from time to time the ToS, you might find something interesting.
I'd love to read your comments about this.


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