Cavalier player LF a map 4/gold 3 alliance

Hey there! I'm currently in an alliance that I will be leaving in the coming days. I have achieved cavalier and am working towards elder's bane.

I am currently at just below 6k prestige and at 380k base hero rating. I can handle my own in AQ map 4 and I can do well in AW.
I'm looking to join an alliance that has interest in pushing in AW seasons.

Here is my roster:


  • BFTOBFTO Posts: 32
    If you have Discord, add me and you're more than welcome to join the Alliance.
    Alliance Name: Splendid Maychilles
    Discord: BFTO#3366
  • SoCal07SoCal07 Posts: 19

    There are two vacancies at Controlled Collective II. (CC II) We run 3 battle groups of Alliance Quests five days a week. BG1 map 3/4, BG2 map 4, and BG3 map 5.

    AQs are mandatory and AWs are optional. There are a handful of seasoned players who help progressing players with growth.

    Please contact the below, via Line App if you are interested.

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