5 consistent 10k prestige players looking for ally

We’ll do map 5 or 6, extremely active, tired of babysitting others to finish their lanes.


  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 249
    Hit me up on line. kaycg1
  • XCripXCrip Posts: 130
    Line: XCrip

    Can offer 6x5 AQ, 100% finishes. Score 370M+. Top 350.

    AW Gold 1, tier 6.
  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 249
    How about top 90-150 AQ driven. No stress wars. We do what we can to stay in tier 6
  • Kaycg1Kaycg1 Posts: 249
    All super active. Have a couple retiring and moving out. Could slide 5 in pretty quick
  • Doofy64Doofy64 Posts: 29
    We're a newly reopened alliance and could use your help in steering us in the right way. Goal is 655x5 as soon as possible. Hit me up on line at Doofy64 if interested
  • Junos_79Junos_79 Posts: 204
    Did you find a team. Reach me on line app for a chat. Junos79
  • I’ve got a spot for all of you. We’re running 5x5. Just recently restructured (we were running mix of 6/5) hitting over 300 mil / now aiming for 250 - save on donations. HMU on line: lineid: Davethesaurus
  • protectors11protectors11 Posts: 101
    If you are still looking add me on line: protectors11
    We have what you are looking for
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