New Ally after AW season (Seeking summoners who would be interested)

I am looking at starting a new alliance after the season 18 of AW. our goal is to reach Gold 2 Intermediate/Hard map in AW, and run three bg's of 5x5 with heroic/master modifiers for AQ (180mil+). Please let me know if you are interested and meet the following:

Very active.
Knows and understands the importance of communication.
Be chill and have fun and informational chats.
Be above 400k rating.
Have experience with Map 5.
Have good Champion diversity and depth.

You can message me on LINE: noregrets100 GMT-5
In your message, please include your rating, your AW Defenders and Attackers, your AQ team and your timezone.

Again, this is to only see if there is enough interest for me to start an our alliance.


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    Doofy64Doofy64 Posts: 31
    Hey now. I just reopened my allaince and could use some help rebuilding if you're interested. My plan is to start out as 5x5 but hopes of 655x5 soon. Hit me up on line at Doofy64 if you're interested
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    noregrets100noregrets100 Posts: 28
    What's going on?
    Is your focus going to be AQ, AW, or both?
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