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Modok calendar bug

If someone updated the app just one day after the update release (I said UPDATE, no LOGIN.... I log multiple times per day every day)
One item in the calendar is missing/lost
It’s insane


  • VVEED_VVEED_ Posts: 35

    It happened to me
    I updated game yesterday morning after login
    so it won't reset the special calendar
  • RegnatorRegnator Posts: 29
    I got that bug too. Day 28 missing even if I log in every day couple times a day. There should be announcement from Kabam couple days before june to updated game before June or you wont get one item from special calendar.... Is it my fault that i have one item missing in special calendar, but June calendar is all ok? The answer is NO.
    The initiation of late update on user site (even after new event started) should set up everything properly including calendars.
  • LastBoyScoutLastBoyScout Posts: 23
    @Kabam Miike is this working as intended?
    We have lost one ticket only because we updated the app one day after the new release??
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