Repeating won fights in quest

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I literally just fought the hulk and beat him in 2.1 of event quest and upon pressing anything to skip, the fight closed and when I was back on the map, the node was still intact and hulk was ready for to go like I had never fought him. Kabam? Why?


  • SvainSvain Posts: 453 ★★
    Happened to me twice with nightcrawler on 3.2, was annoying cause I got him the 1st and 2nd time, then 3rd time I had to revive.
  • Topher_TowersTopher_Towers Posts: 77
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    I've noticed it multiple times but wasn't paying very close attention thinking I'd been amushed by the same opponent. And sometimes i return to the game with half health even though I'm playing normal. I dont lose that much health on the whole map.
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    I was in act 5.1.2 and this happened facing a Hyperion and then at a Yellowjacket... only my game did not crash and my Venom and Ultron had still lost thier health even though the two were beaten and it kicked me back making me fight them twice for Hyperion and 3 times for Yellowjacket.
  • This only happens when you force close a fight...once you log in again you need to do the fight twice...after 1st fight your previous champ will loose half heath and 2nd one is to actually ko ur opponent... definitely a bug.
  • Nope, happened to me too. No force close. Beat opponent, back to map with same match unfought.
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