Why can only Cavalier players obtain 5* shards, and generic Sig stones from Modok store!?!? Previous versions of these in game stores have allowed Uncollected players to obtain 5* shards and Sig stones. C'mon Kabam! I am really upset about this! It's not fair! I understand being Cavalier has it's advantages, but these updated options should be available to Uncollected players. I would not be mad if you would have had 6* shards, and 6* sig stones available only to Cav players. Disappointed? Yes, but not mad. Allow Uncollected players to obtain these updated rewards! Fix this Kabam! This just adds to the many issues with this game!


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    luanamenderluanamender Posts: 229
    my only problem is with the rewards for the epic difficulty.
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    BarricadePrimeBarricadePrime Posts: 40
    I know it isn’t the exact topic of this thread but the difference in rewards from uncollected to cavalier is why I stopped buying the summoner sigil. I was purchasing it every month for my main and my mini and was not getting the same rewards for the same money spent so I stopped buying it and actually I have stopped spending all together due to this and other issues with this game.
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    RemeliRemeli Posts: 608 ★★★
    Uncollected is an obsolete title. If you want the top rewards available then get the highest title available. Pretty simple.
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    AdamtazAdamtaz Posts: 31
    Also what’s with the price of the shards
    160 coins gets you 1 full 4* so that’s potentially 550 5*shards(if u get a max sig Crystal)
    160 coins will get 8000 5* shards for players that easily get 5*shards day in day out.
    Also why can’t lower players get t5basic and level 4 health from modok store but can get it from glory store all this them and us just doesn’t make sense.
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    SpidermancgSpidermancg Posts: 19
    We know it's easier for lower level players to become uncollected, but most will have a limited 5* roster, which means not all will be able to complete the Epic difficulty. That's unfortunate, but okay. I wasn't able to complete harder content before either. But if you're uncollected, and are able to complete Epic, and accumulate enough coins, then you should be able to get these updated rewards. The lack of 5* shards, and generic Sig stones available to purchase for uncollected players from the MODOK store is what really bothers me. I'd be happy with at least being able to buy 750 5* shards fifteen times, and half of the generic Sig stones. Please fix this Kabam!
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    JestuhJestuh Posts: 273 ★★★

    The lack of 5* shards, and generic Sig stones available to purchase for uncollected players from the MODOK store is what really bothers me. I'd be happy with at least being able to buy 750 5* shards fifteen times, and half of the generic Sig stones. Please fix this Kabam!

    This is exactly the problem with this months quest. I’ll do exactly the same content as cavalier players and clear it all on epic but I’m locked out of the same rewards because I didn’t do cavalier yet.

    As uncollected, the best I can buy is 3 x t4cc (where I currently have like 50+ of these) and a random 5s awakening gem. But if I were cav I could buy t2, t5, 5s shards, and 5s sig stones (things that will actually help me).

    Last month as uncollected I could get multiple 5s crystals or shards, awakening gems, and t2 as long as I could clear the epic difficulty content to get there. This month, even clearing epic won’t allow me the to buy the good rewards so why should I even play it at all?

    And to the people that have said you just need a few 5s to clear unlock cav, yeah that’s true. But you need the right 5s champs, and you also can’t be using those champs in aq or war

    And you actually have to get lucky enough to get useful champs from your first 5s crystals.

    Or you can get the champs that I did early on and watch everyone you play with pass you by (civil warrior, phoenix, taskmaster, unduped aegon, dupe taskmaster, finally got Quake and killmonger and then duped civil warrior. After getting cmm I then got 6 skill champs in a row and then magneto. So I didn’t have the t4cc to rank up anything Other than quake and cmm for months because all my skill t4 was used up already).

    Even now, with my champs tied up in aq, it’s hard to clear the event, get cav, and still complete aq 5 days per week. Even getting past 5.3 where everything but one class does half damage is very difficult because my best champs are in aq.

    My alliance does 3 bgs of map 5 with modifiers and some map 6 thrown in and I put up over a million points in each day of aq. So let’s avoid the “get gud” response.

    Bottom line, suddenly giving cavalier players better rewards for doing the same epic content that uncollected players do just means the rich get richer and everyone else gets bottlenecked.

    Kabam you guys had two great months of fantastic rewards and great monthly events. Why screw it up by doing this cav/uncollected stuff suddenly?

    Please remove the cav requirement unless you’re also going to have a separate cav difficulty like you did for uncollected.

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    JestuhJestuh Posts: 273 ★★★

    It's called progression! Uncollected should be a pit stop on the way to cavalier. Brand new UC players get a bump in rewards but they are still not likely to complete epic EQ immediately. Veteran UC players should be building their roster and skill for the cavalier run. That progression does takes time. That is why UC players don't get the same rewards as cavalier. Because cavalier is the highest milestone to date, you need to reach it in order to reap those rewards. Anyone who stays UC for too long is just bottlenecking themselves. If you want the highest rewards, make the push!

    Fair enough but if I AM clearing epic content, why should cav players get better rewards for doing the exact SAME CONTENT as me?

    If we both do the exact same work, why should one person get better rewards?

    Because they had an easier time of it with better champs? Yeah that’s how rewards should work. 😂
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    UltimateBatJokeUltimateBatJoke Posts: 219
    I went for cavalier just for this reason, and the side quest isnt even worth it
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