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Buff the island of Dr. M.O.D.O.K. Rewards.

ElementalBashElementalBash Posts: 107
edited June 2020 in Suggestions and Requests
So it has been said a lot and i know that not every side event has to be better than the last but this one is probably the worst we've seen... ever. it reallyy needs to be buffed. For uncollected maybe give some 5* shards. for cavalier 6* shards but the best thing here is a 5* awakening gem crystal with is very nice for a lot of players, i need a skill gem to awaken my AEgon, but for the time it takes and the difficulty it needs to be better. maybe 120 intel for completing an Epic, instead of 60. just do something. im pretty sure a lot a lot of people stand with me on this. Thanks.


  • ElementalBashElementalBash Posts: 107
    I am uncollected and have completed act 5 so am starting act 6 and am at 8,000 6* shards and a 6* would benefit me a LOT (depending on who i get) and 50* Shards for this difficulty? it should be in my opinion at least 100.
  • evilteddumzevilteddumz Posts: 13
    I think this is a really good suggestion. :)
  • ElementalBashElementalBash Posts: 107
    Thanks. i really appreciate it. :D
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