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Ticket refund seems wrong [Merged Threads]



  • ezgoingezgoing Posts: 269 ★★
    I am in a 4-5-5 ally, and I got zero tickets and when I submitted a support request, i was told i didn't make excess donations above my map costs (i am in the map 5 BG) in the past 5 months. I think something is fundamentally flawed with the refund logic Kabam had applied. i have these questions for Kabam.

    1) as people have pointed out above, is Kabam applying individual donations against individual map costs, and not a "shared alliance" system when calculating the refunds? I have ally mates running free map 4 getting back tickets even though we all donated about the same amount every week. Maybe you wanted to be compatible with your "individual" system moving forward, but that was clearly a mistake which Kabam is trying to change now to a "shared alliance" system, but can only roll out in August.

    2) what is considered in excess of map cost? some weeks in my ally, we have people donating huge amounts of gold, and we have a very healthy gold balance. But our loyalty is really low, so I donated maybe say 2-3 times my share of loyalty and no gold. Is this used against me? Did kabam use your scaling cost algorithm meant for the new individual system to retrospectively penalise someone who only donated one resource, but is clearly more valuable to the alliance?

    3) why cut off at 5 months? Other refunds you can dig deep into your historical database to be fair to players. why not this refund? We have a lot of resources in our Treasury that we donated way before 5 months. When map 5 became free for battlechips, we have a lot of battlechips left, but these shouldn't be evaporated by kabam just like that. We spent time to get those BC and to donate them. How can Kabam just make them disappear like that? I don't except to get those BC back in the BC form, but surely we should get tickets for them, since we can use them for map 6 one day if Kabam hadn't made this uncalled change to the alliance treasury system??

  • tHe_RuDe_kILLrtHe_RuDe_kILLr Posts: 80
    I received zero tickets. Is this based because i just joined an alliance at the time of refunds of tickets? If so, I believe this system is wrong!

    I have been in plenty of alliances where i have donated plenty. Why is there not a standard compensation of alliance tickets? Why im i not getting any alliance tickets for previous alliance donations?
  • QfuryQfury Posts: 1,860 ★★★★★
    edited June 2020
    The greed is real, on top of that they changed all the pots round so you can no longer buy with glory.

    Just greedy.

  • QuincyPeckQuincyPeck Posts: 63
    I've been in my alliance for over 2 years and have never missed a week of donations - I got 0 tickets.
  • OneMast3rOneMast3r Posts: 331 ★★
    I didn't get tickets either.
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