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Is anyone else getting the feeling this is the end of this game?
First off, AQ is not even fun anymore. We do 5X5 and its just repetitive, boring, and feels like a chore these days. They need a major revamp in AQ somehow.
Second, the new war format SUCKS in so many ways, but there are plenty of threads going into this part.
Third, the monthly event quests, just like aq is repetitive and boring. Exploration is a nuisance, especially since you need to explore heroic before doing master. But needing to do the same maps 6+ times to explore is annoying as hell, double it if you arae doing master too. The web slinger event was the only fun thing of late that had rewards worth going for. Those types ofe events need to me wayyy more frequent.
Arena?? no thanks. If you want to go for a champ you are asking for a divorce and unemployment. NOPE. Got gwenpool, ever doing arena again.
On top of all that, there are SOOOO many champs. This is a good thing, except for the fact that there is such a high champ of getting a **** champ. I havent gotten a decent 4* in months, not even a good dupe. I keep getting the bottom tier guys lately and then duping them, no fun in that. 5* champs? i have a few of them, they come so slowly and theyre all ****. my whole 5* roster is a joke, now theyre introducing 6*? i cant even get good 5* champs.

Anything going to change for the better? Every change lately as been a negative, not a positive. Is there something im missing? if this continues i cant see myself playing for more than a few more weeks. Im uncollected already and it seems like theyre taking alll the fun out and just getting you to spend $ on addiction.


  • Run477Run477 Posts: 1,350 ★★★
    Yes I do think it's nearing the end. Aq is monotonous. It always has been. But I did the grind in arena and in aq bc I enjoyed the challenge of war and getting better teams for war.

    But with this war change, it has basically made war just aq 2.0. Its boring as can be. Both sides essentially guaranteed to 100% and the side that wins is the side that is better at either communicating pre-defensive set up or better at playing where's Waldo as they place their defense.

    This was a big whiff by kabam trying to "listen" to players whining about mystic defenses and mystic dispersion.
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    yes, I agree. For me personally I want them to increase summoner levels. I have been level 60 since January of 2016

    Arena yeah I hit the milestones only as 4* are now the new 3*

    AQ is better with 30 minute timers, and the new war broken

    monthly events to run heroic on auto fight just to get to master should be a cut of there maybe level 45 you can skip heroic

    I have already told my alliance that soon I will be leaving for a map 3 team as I am losing interest extremely quick

    in game name Haunted stories
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    Yes it does, I wanted to go for arch angel in arena but the game just self destructed aw so now I'm not sure I will. I can see a lot of players reluctantly having to bow out in the next two months due to war. Going into war is going to be like taking dr strange into aq post 12.0, it will be a shell of what it was and will be kind of sad on top of being terrible.
  • It might be time to find a new game...
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