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Looking for a casual alliance

Daily player looking for a casual no pressure alliance. Old alliance is falling apart under poor management and looking for a new home.


  • GOA78GOA78 Posts: 62
    European veteran ally. Add goa2578 in Line if intersted. Aq map5x5 . Aw optional.
  • OnkyOnky Posts: 334
    Find me on line app. Onky707.

    I have a spot open
  • CourtbearCourtbear Posts: 163
    We are a chill alliance, just AQ map participation for completion and Line are our requirements —20mil ally, 140mil baseline hit each AQ series (2700 Glory), optional 2bg AW. Have 4x5 or 55444 spot opening soon
    Uncollected/350k min
    Line ID: Courtbear
    PM if interested
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