Repeatedly duping 6-star champions (and subsequent demotivation)

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I’m far from a whale but I’d saved up both units and cash for the offers this year and was pretty excited to expand my 6-star roster and hopefully get some great new characters. The amount of 6-star shards available seemed amazing.

I have quite a large roster at just over 40, but I had a reasonable expectation that opening a large number of 6-star basic crystals would result in several new characters.

I’m feeling a bit sore now unfortunately as after 8 basic 6-star crystal openings I’ve only opened one new champion, and repeatedly duped several characters I wouldn’t use outside of arena.

I know there are no guarantees in the game, buyers beware etc., and I’m genuinely hopeful about the prospect of future champion buffs. However, I’m really finding the repeated duping difficult.

Out of the previous 5 6-star basic crystals I opened in the last several months, 4 of those were dupes. So that’s coming up to 12 out of 13 now.

There are 155 6* champions at the moment, of which 143 should be available in the basic 6*. I have under a third of those currently. I would have expected to obtain more than one new character from so many openings and now I’m back at the point where I’m really not looking forward to opening 6* basics.

I’m trying not to sound entitled. I’m fortunate to have so many 6-stars already and I’m lucky to be in a position to go for a lot of the offers this year.

I’m fully expecting people who are good with probability calculations to tell me this sequence of events is completely normal and to be expected 😫 It won’t help though.


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    i can count on 2 fingers the number of opportunities I've seen available for 6* AGs, class or otherwise. if you find whatever new champ you're fishing for, odds are you'd want to find that dupe as well.
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    It’s not the dupes themselves I have a problem with. It’s the percentage/frequency. 20 to 30% of the time would be great. Up to 50% would be ok. But out of my last 12 basics 85% have been dupes or double dupes. 85% is a lot especially when there are over 100 characters I don’t have yet.
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    I’m hav arund 41 and only 2 dups.
  • rnr87rnr87 Posts: 394
    I feel you i keep duping cable dpxf and hela over and over
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    I have 20 6* and I’ve gotten 5 dupes. (One champ duped twice). I opened 3 6* yesterday and only got 1 new champ. It feels like a waste of shards.
  • BrouBrou Posts: 46
    Yeah, it’s the RNG and it can be frustrating. I was really looking forward to expanding my 6* roster from the July 4th deals. Instead I duped ronin, red hulk, nebula, and double duped green goblin. I did pull a new white magneto (hope his buff is worth it).
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    I opened two 6*s and they were both new champs... 6* Rhino and Ebony Maw lol. 23 6*s and only have one I want to take to R3.
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