Incorrect Parry Information on the Support Website?

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The support website seems to have mixed up the interaction of parry and ability accuracy reduction.

It says that in the presence of Ability Accuracy reduction that a stun will always apply but the damage will not be mitigated. My in game experience is the opposite of this.

This has left me questioning reality itself...this can’t be true can it?

*This is found under the Battle Status Effects section; which used to be home to a handy list of icons and their descriptions, miss you icons.


  • AGREE (well, at least as far as the Parry STUN is concerned, actually would have no way of seeing if Damage Reduction is affected or not).

    Case in point... Black Widow (OG), Ability Reduction when you try and Parry her, she has high likelihood of your Parry NOT causing her to be Stunned. (and it's #&*$*# annoying when you fight her sometimes 😀)

    So, yes, KnowledgeBase website is incorrect.
  • We've passed this on to the rest of the team to look into.
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