Why Sabretooth crystal?

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Dam i spent units on that crystal because of the synergy yes i dont mind the Revives as i have a full kit of 5* Ramp up champions. (Duped Aegon Duped Gully2099 Duped SL) so thought why not make a full team of Ramp up champions... Kabam are talking about a Nerf to the synergy which again is wrong as he needs KOs to be utilised + yes revives!! Any how i pulled trashed just to let you know lols x


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    I believe it’s a nerf to sabre tooth directly. Apparently he should not be able to build up more than 15 furies carried over a quest...
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    As stated in the Announcement, this is a bug fix. It's stated in his Ability Description that Sabretooth should not be able to exceed 15 Permanent Passive Fury Effects.

    The Crystals and Arena are scheduled long before any videos were made.
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