20% item boost bug...once it expires it actually lowers base attack by 20% on 5*s PERMANENTLY!!!

There is a bug with 20% boosts items. Im almost 100% sure of it. It seems to only happen with rank 4 5*s only. Once I use a boost and the boost item expires it seems to have the OPPOSITE affect and actually lower their BASE attack by 20% permanently. They are doing 20% less damage/critical damage now. At first i thought you guys lowered the damage output but thats not what happened. Please check this out because it happened with my rank 4 5* spiderman and now my rank 4 5* Starlord. They are doing 20% less damage now. For example I have full maxed suicides and BEFORE I used 20% boost my rank 4 5* starlord, he would do about 5160 critical damage after 5 hit combo with a class advantage, ( obviously with 20% boost he was doing higher than 5160) but after i used boost and it expired he is NOW doing about 4300 critical damage after a 5 hit combo, Its like the 20% boosts had an opposites effect on his BASE damage output once it expired and it seems to be a permanent change. I did the math and it's exactly 20% less damage. It has to be a bug with the 20% boost item. It seems to be a permanent change that actually lowers their BASE damage output by 20% once it expires. it happened after I used the 20% boost and it expired. All I ask is that you look into it. Because my rank 4 5*s are doing 20% less damage now. Freaking Sucks after putting all that time and effort to get my 5*s to rank 4. Please look into it @Kabam Miike thank you! And i'm glad to know that you guys didn't lower damage output :smile: Awesome game guys...

Ps...when are we getting Spiderman2099?!!!! He would really make this game more awesome!


  • SuskanutSuskanut Posts: 113
    That's actually hillarious but if this is real please fix it Kabam thx
  • Oh its possible @Suskanut and very real. Awesome game @mcoc, awesome! But with all the known history of bugs in mcoc...you really think this isn't possible @Suskanut ? Lol its possible and I hope they look into it. Because I'm being very serious.
  • Kronos987654321Kronos987654321 Posts: 584 ★★★
    Was it against the same exact champion? Would help a lot if you had screenshots because different champions have different amounts of armor
  • I went ahead and moved this to the proper category so that anyone experiencing a similar issue can find it more easily. @TheDarkness, I'm sorry to hear about this. I haven't heard reports of this, but I'll be happy to take a look. Would you be able to specify which 20% Boost you used, as well as what Champions you were fighting and the game mode these fights were in?
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