Not getting units from arena crystals

Arena crystals have always been the primary source of units in the game as long as I can remember. 10 regular arena crystals worth 20k bc give 45-60 units on average and rarely does it happen that you don't get any units out of it.
But this average amount of units from 10 arena crystals has drastically reduced in the past few weeks. I have been opening many batches of 10 arena crystals the past few weeks and 80% of the time I am getting 0 unit. And the rest 20% of the times, I am only getting 15 units. This makes the average amount of units you get from 10 regular arena crystals from 45-60 to 5-10.

This is the common outcome from a batch of 10 arena crystals.

And this is what I get once in a blue moon.

Why is this happening?
Is this a bug or intended so that the only way you can get crystals is by buying them?
Should players looking to farm units stop doing arena?

Kindly look into it and fix these issues ASAP. It's getting very frustrating particularly for f2p players that grind arena for units.


  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,471 ★★★★★
    How is that a bug? It’s a tiny amount of crystals, you just got unlucky, that happens all the time.
  • Hey Umar7, this is not a bug. The Rewards you receive from opening Arena Crystals are determined by the drop rates. For more information on drop rates, I recommend reviewing THIS article.
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