LF2. Map 4 Alliance 100M/cycle 2 BG AW

Looking for 2 for Map 4 alliance. AQ is required, AW is participate if/when you want as we run 2 BG in season and 1 off-season. Alliance has Line group but not required to join. Spectre 29 in game and Spectre29 in Line.


  • Spectre29Spectre29 Posts: 56
    Looking for one. Gold 3 alliance looking for one to get us up to Gold 2. Run 2 AW BGs and Map 4 AQ (100M+ each cycle). Hit me up here or in game.
  • CA_patelCA_patel Posts: 3

    Hope i can fit in
  • Spectre29Spectre29 Posts: 56
    Are you still looking
  • MkaliwaoMkaliwao Posts: 73
    Hey do you guys have an open spot for a map 4 recruit?
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