Found a fix for arena missing

ArsozArsoz Posts: 1,774 ★★★★
Spend all you battle chips and a pop up will say you dont have enough and give you an option to go to arenas


  • Omie1023Omie1023 Posts: 3
    Why to go thru that hassle when the arena was up before and it’s not! 😡
  • Units, battle chips, definitely crystal shards, gold. I mean it’s not our fault game is acting up. Like when you go out to eat and your food is messed up. They fix the problem and the. Give you nice discount or even free food. I mean players have lives (well most players) and can’t be on 24/7. Time is precious. Compensation is a Must!!!
  • GotszbotGotszbot Posts: 236
    If people can't take an extra min to get to arena and people cry out compensation then you got issues Karen.
  • Kobe24Kobe24 Posts: 5
    Change the arena, instead top blah blah, just give us target. If it’s 100m let it suffer to grind up to 100m. Atleast we don’t waste time grinding for nothing. Target points in arena pls
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