Emergency Maintenance [7/22]



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    I think that in 2020 they could give us a 6 star crystal and it’d be fair. Last year there were issues like this and we got a 5 star crystal. 1 year later and a 6 star crystal is justified, if not like 7.5k shards.

    No way. That would be game breaking. Selling 15 6* in one day on July 4th is not game breaking but giving a 6* as compensation.... pffft absolute deal breaker bud. It would break the game so bad that we would have to go from 7 emergency maintenances in a day to 15.
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    Or talk to your friends and family? Either works.

    No can do.. social distancing..
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    They better compensate BIG. About a year ago, there was something like this and they gave us a 5 star crystal, so hopefully a 5 star nexus now that we’re in 2020

    That wasn't nearly as bad as this if I remember correctly. It was just one big maintenance for like 4-5 hours. This is constant maintenances which lead to deaths and the use of potions and revives. Also, all the emergency maintenances in the last 16 hours probably add up to about 6-7 hours but it may be a little more or less because I haven't been awake for them all.
    If we take the last 24 hours we go beyond 6 hours..
    The first three maintenances (SM + 2 EM) already cost us 6-7 hours, the arena bug before all that costed me 1 hour too. I stopped counting after the third one but in total we lost at least 12 hours. That may go up to 14 hours
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    I just hope for some revives I was fighting darkhawk 6.4.3 when the game went down 🤷‍♂️
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    Postpone maybe. Cancel NO.
    This prestige matchmaking went to far and things need to be settled THIS season 😠
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    This is too much man I understand like 2 or 3 in a month but 12 or 13 in a month is ridiculous
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    It’s really great when you start your first aq fight, game goes down for emergency maintenance, and then when you go back in you have half health. Aq is difficult enough without the extra challenges.

    Where’s the correction for people that spend resources to run maps and then get screwed over because of unscheduled maintenance right after scheduled maintenance?
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    Hey, gang.

    Unfortunately we're experiencing some further connection issues. We'll be going back into Maintenance.

    Does this include AW matchmaking not working? No matches being found despite being enlisted well and truly before cutoff?
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    Game down again.
  • Space_gooSpace_goo Posts: 127
    Cannot connect to game again. iOS and Android phones
  • I joined an incursion party at 9:00 pm Yesterday and faced some connection issues. So logged out of the game and couldn't log in cuz maintenance started. Costed me those sweet Sector 6 & 7 rewards. This is seriously getting worse. @Kabam Miike I should be compensated for this as it's the unscheduled maintenance that prevented me from completing the incursion and getting those Sector 6 and 7 rewards. The time game was up, those rewards got refreshed and my champs got used up.
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    Scrap AQ please. It's such a pain to have to keep checking in to see when we can move and whether maintenance is still on since every 2-3 hours we go into emergency maintenance.
  • I don't think they will give shards unless the rewards are based on story progression , imagine someone downloading the game today and then he gets a 6* crystal , Whoever he gets will get him through act 5 at least , which is not fair for us cavalier or even uncollected players , They will just give revives , glory , energy refills ,and boots .
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    My guess at what the comp will be
    10k 5* shards
    2.5k 6* shards
    10xlv4 health potions
    3xlv4 team revives
    5xEnergy Refills
    5x Stamina Refill
    5x Lv5 Ali Potions
    5x Lv3 Team Revives
    1000 glory
    But that’s just a guess....

    Go big or go home. I say 3 6* nexus crystals per account! Lol
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    I think one more emergency maintanance
  • EtriganEtrigan Posts: 4
    Shinyuu said:

    I don't think they will give shards unless the rewards are based on story progression , imagine someone downloading the game today and then he gets a 6* crystal , Whoever he gets will get him through act 5 at least , which is not fair for us cavalier or even uncollected players , They will just give revives , glory , energy refills ,and boots .

    But they can sell 6 stars to players and it's fine...do you remember the player who's top champs were R3 4 stars and I think it was around Christmas 1 of those offers gave him a 6 star Spider Gwen
    I remember way way back in the beginning (when the game 1st started) when 4* champs took a while to get. They went straight to max level then sat there forever because ppl needed to build their resources to rank them.
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    Now the game is to be able to play during maintenance...
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    edited July 2020
    I honestly wouldn't mind a couple of 5* awakening gems, tier 4 catalyst crystals and/or tier 2 alpha catalyst as compensation.
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    Is anyone having connection issues? Or is that just me?
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    edited July 2020
    While every one saying that they want their compensation juicy, for some players mcoc is the only escape from their demonz and the struggle they are going through. This none stop maintenance is just making things worse. You cant compensate that. Please just fix the game alreary and relieve our pain.
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    I lost all my champs in Aq just bcz the server went down again amd again. I post perfect match and receive 50% health penalty for nothing! This is outrageous! I need my health pots and revives back and stop this current series of AQ and AW. Grant top tier rewards for everyone till you get the server fixed.

    Also for those who were trying to clear individual content should be compensated separately. I lost a lot of arena matches and quest fights as well. Lots of potions and energy wasted along with frustration. Do i sound legit kabam!!!!?
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    Why is there so much emergency maintenance.
    It's irritating.
    I got time to play Mcoc today and it was maintaince.
    Plz give an compensation.
    Even in arenas I lost 2 matches because of this.
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    I just wanna complete Act 6.1 before august hits, but all these maintenances makes it impossible.

    I cant grind revives through Arenas, besides the fact my Arenas tab disappeared. And now we're re all missing out on AQ time.

    If the maintenance has to take longer than 2-3 hours, go for it and please double check to make it the last maintenance for a while.
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