Which Mystic champ to Rank 5?

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I'm leaning towards Ghost rider but am conflicted from usuage and prestige

Which Mystic champ to Rank 5? 27 votes

4* Ghost rider (Sig lvl 20)
Mcord11758danielmathSnakeEyes69JaffacakedMegaSkater67DrOctavius2_2ZoddymamRaaINTEGRALAria_LerendeairDark_King888Username819273943realiTicChunkerButtM8TxAggie17Captain_MaimTheMageHunterD_Ace_71Grimmbearvinniegainz 22 votes
4* The Hood (Un-Awakened)
4* Guillotine (Sig lvl 20)
GreenClawzBZBullfighter77Barry_Allen007SgtAnime1 4 votes
5* Loki (Un-Awakened)
Binawayawhile 1 vote


  • Armaganon00Armaganon00 Posts: 741 ★★
    None bc as soon as you do kabam will nerf them
  • TxAggie17TxAggie17 Posts: 58
    4* Ghost rider (Sig lvl 20)
    Ghost Rider is an amazing champ overall. His utilities make him a valuable asset to your team. I also approve of Guillotine and Hood because Guillotine has some crazy crit and bleed damage, and hood is awesome at staggering enemy buffs and he doesnt have to be awakened to do some damage. But GR has regen and a load of other added utilities.
  • myPUNCAKEmyPUNCAKE Posts: 348
    Thanks for the info guys, I got a voodoo at rank 5 and a ghost rider would compliment him and my prestige nicely!

    Best of luck in game!
  • 4* Guillotine (Sig lvl 20)
    Take Guillitine to r5. I have her duped as a 4/40 and she's a BEAST!!
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