It works perfect for us
Having people in different time zones
We attack in shifts.. lol

NYC to Philly to NC to Florida, Texas, Cali to Trinidad to Phillipines to UK to Sweden to Denmark to UAE to India to Australia

All are welcomed

Gold 3, going for Gold 2 in AW (3bdg)

Maps 5.5.5. 100% each bdg, all 5x

Really chill alliance, laid back, easy going but still VERY active in all aspects of the game. Friendly group of guys and girls who discuss everything from game tips, suggestions to comics and movies.

Add me on LINE app >> Georgie24k

Please have some rank up champs
A R5 or 2, a few R4's... 6* champs.. R2 possibly


  • Blue_MarvelBlue_Marvel Posts: 148
    we do have a sister alliance that is even more chill, and relaxed but still kicking tails..

    Silver 2 in AW
    Maps 4.3.3. In AQ

    For the semi retired players
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