Omega Red Spores Falling Off During Fight With Sasquatch

Apologies if this has been already mentioned, but during multiple fights in the monthly event and side quest while fighting Sasquatch, Omega Red's death spores are falling off after throwing a heavy attack. They immediately start re-applying after the initial fall-off and I haven't had issues with it further into the fights, but every single time I have fought Sasquatch, this has happened. I may be unfamiliar with how certain interactions between champions impact abilities, but it does seem rather odd that it happens each fight, only once, and against the same champion regardless of where the fight is taking place.


  • Would you happen to have any footage of this? Or be able to tell us what difficulty levels you encountered this in? And do you happen to remember who you had on your team at the time?
  • ChrisBosioChrisBosio Posts: 17
    I will attempt to capture the footage and upload a file this evening.
    Monthly Uncollected event 3.2 boss and the Canadian and Epic Difficulties in the side event.
    Omega, Sabretooth, and I believe CapIW.
  • ChrisBosioChrisBosio Posts: 17
    @Kabam Zibiit Sorry for the delay. Didn't run through more of those sasquatch ambushes and have a video, but the forum won't allow me to attach a .MOV file? What would you propose? I screen captured the video on my phone.
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