Human Torch Pre-Fight ability

I'm confused on HT pre fight ability and how it persists if you die during the fight.

I've had a 6* HT R2 (unawaken) for a while now and I've used him specially to clear on variant 1 chapter 3. For me the behavior has been that once I enable the pre-fight ability it stays in that fight until i either switch champions or beat the fight.

Since the last update I noticed this is not the case and if I die and revive the pre-fight ability is gone.

So what is the expected behavior for his pre-fight ability? is it a one time shot and done or is it locked to the one fight where you enabled it?


  • RotellyRotelly Posts: 562 ★★★
    I believe it is locked to one round and if you get KO or clear the fight it is done and in order to use it again in that quest you must have his signature ability
  • NCB_ptNCB_pt Posts: 291

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