An idea for you guys regarding Android support

Just cut it off altogether since you obviously don't bother and with all due respect I am not spending two months worth of my salary on a device that would be used to play a single f2p game.

The handling of the fights on android devices has gotten atrocious during the last couple of days, I have no idea if that's just an input lag worth over a second or changes in AI. However, iPhone players I know do not see any of those issues.

I'm talking about downright gamebreaking situations, like enemy being able to use his sp3 inbetween light 2 and 3 on my 5 hit combo or firing a special after being floored (as in, immediately after, while still on the ground). I'm talking about massive lags when the game straight out freezes for a minute while entering the fight making the player in every fight having a time limit handicapped at best, causing him to straight out lose at worst. I'm not even gonna mention the graphic bugs that appeared recently or every message in incursion dungeon popping up 5-6 times, massively lagging and not registering player input, because those are relatively harmless.

Seriously, between that Doombot AI earlier this month and now this, what happened in this event? How do you even drop the ball this hard, send every single employee sans a janitor on holiday at once?


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    my brother uses andriod and has no issues, of course he is using the latest s20+.

    When you chose android you are choosing a general computing device that is open to all hardware. This innately makes the device worse in general performance compared to a device that is specialized to the hardware it runs on such as apple products. It also means that as time goes on older devices will see a larger decline in abilities. This has been the situation since the time of Solaris vs Windows servers.

    BTW Some of those issues you mention, such as incursion prompts DO affect apple users, I use an IPad pro, the most powerful of the apple mobile devices, and I still see some of those issues.
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    @Lormif is right.
    On average Androids are also a lot cheaper. Or actually, there are budget versions, which for iphone there are not. Only old used versions.

    I myself also play this game on an android. Becaues I am not paying a full salaris for a phone, that for me has an unfriendliers UI. If you choose to play this game on android you need to accept it will always be worse on it.
    Because this game if focussed on optimalisation for Apple, since Apple users probably make Kabam more money.

    If you are a f2p players an android device is more than enough. But if you are an android user and also spend on the game, you are better of spending that money on an iphone for this game.

    Having said that. There are a number of bugs you mention, like the freezing when starting an AQ fight. Are things that need to be fixed. Since they came after the update that came inbetween monthly updates. That update right out s&cked.
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    you can get an new iphone SE for 400, outside of a contract, or even free with contract with Verizon wireless it seems
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    I've never had issues since I started using LG. I've played on V20, V40 and now a V60. Works perfect.
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    I've got an iPad mini 2019 and it lags horribly when playing MCOC in difficult content.
    Until 27.2.5, apart from the occasional unintended heavy attack, my Android device played the game perfectly. Zero lag, really smooth and better than any iOS device I've played the game on.
    If a device is modern enough and powerful enough it should be able to play this game without issues, other games manage to provide a stable Android experience just fine.
    I don't subscribe to the idea that Android players should accept an inferior gaming experience just because.
  • @IRQ, as has already been highlighted by the responses in this discussion, lag and performance issues do not affect all Android devices and such things can also happen on iOS devices.

    We understand how frustrating it can be when lag or a performance issue occur and we're actively working to make improvements on our end in an effort to reduce the likelihood that players will experience them. With this in mind, we created dedicated threads for Android and iOS users to report any instances where they notice things like this happening. This allows us to keep track of everyone's feedback in the same place.

    If you would like to provide constructive feedback which we can use to investigate your concerns, please do so by contributing to the dedicated thread for Android users, located HERE.

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