Defense Tactics: The Worst Thing to Ever Happen to AW

WedgemonsterWedgemonster Posts: 308 ★★★
Defense tactics have single-handedly ruined AW. They are, as a whole, awful. And have far exceeded what we're told was their original intent. They are now the most significant factor in war and add an immeasurable level of difficulty and frustration.

We're well aware of the problems with flow (which were still not properly addressed with the recent changes) and now fighting against stubborn, it's equally frustrating. We just keep adding to the problem.. Not only does it completely eliminate Quake as an option, but most importantly, it literally punishes perfect gameplay. I had what should have been a flawless Doom boss solo, but because I dexed too many attacks and SP1s, I have to take too many blocked hits and die from block damage. Which also puts you at risk of being stun slapped against Doom.

Between the new map and these awful globals, it's just not worth it anymore. This is why my alliance has gone to boss kills only, with no exploration and minimal item usage. And I know many alliances are doing similar, or just not doing it all together. I used to find AW fun, now it is quite the opposite. Defense tactics need to be removed from the game.


  • DJMNHDJMNH Posts: 460 ★★
    Well explained and put.. they are instead of solving issues, creating more of it.. and still ignorant to common players words.
  • SeraphionSeraphion Posts: 1,249 ★★★★
    "Why change Flow when you can buy Guardian Crystals" /s
  • DeaconVelvetDeaconVelvet Posts: 1,797 ★★★★
    hard to find an argument there. my alliance is trying to figure out a way to prevent any max exodus of players ... none of them are happy with war. attack tactics do absolutely nothing to mitigate how ridiculous Flow is and coupled with the "new" nodes is even more troubling.

    War is "in theory" a great mechanic but as we've seen the implementation of it fails across the board.
  • ShikinaShikina Posts: 15
    I couldn’t agree more. It has simply ruined AW. My alliance has been together over four years and are on the verge of dropping doing AW altogether.
  • The_enlightenedThe_enlightened Posts: 545 ★★★
    But kabam listens...

    It took them a whole season to change flow.... but they listen....
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