Daredevil Rework

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Heads up: This could be a rework of Daredevil(Netflix version) as stated in the title, or it could be an entirely new version of Daredevil (the black suit he has for most of season 1 comes to mind).

I think his awakened ability should have something to do with his whole "always get back up" mindset, so here's what I thought of:

Awakened Ability:
The closer Daredevil gets to the wall on his side of the stage, he gains up to X% Block Proficiency and an X% chance to Perfect Block. When he reaches the wall, he gains an X% chance to evade all attacks.
The closer Daredevil's opponent gets to the wall on their side of the stage, Daredevil gains up to X fury buffs, increasing attack by X. He also gains up to X cruelty buffs, increasing Critical Damage by X. When his opponent reaches the wall, all of Daredevil's attacks Crit.

This promotes an aggressive fighting approach without making him complete trash for AW defense.

I feel like his block proficiency, perfect block chance, and evade chance should all stay.

I think that his armor break should stay, but his crit damage should increase the more armor breaks his opponents have, so that the armor breaks actually matter.

If this is a rework of the Netflix Daredevil already in the game, then I would definitely keep the extra physical resistance. If it's the Man Without Fear (season 1 black costume) version, I'd lower his base health and increase all of his offensive stats to compensate.

I dislike all of Daredevil's animations. Not as much on his attacks, mostly his specials. He only uses his billy clubs on his special 3, and he jumps insanely high for his special 1. His special 1 animation should be his current special 2 animation and his special 2 animation should include his billy clubs. I would also rework the special 3 animation so he doesn't jump unrealistically high in it as well. It works for the classic version, but not for the realistic Netflix depiction. I would have him get beat up for a bit before analyzing his opponent's moves and evading them, then retaliating in some way.

Special 1:
I'd keep the stun when crit, just make it as long as the stun on his current special 2.

100% chance to stun when awakened and playing aggressively, as your opponent will be against the wall and you will always crit.

Special 2:
Daredevil's billy clubs cause a 10 second concussion, decreasing Ability Accuracy by X% for X seconds.

More utility for your boy, since most champs in the skill class have some sort of reduction.

Special 3:
The Devil of Hell's Kitchen analyses his opponent's moves, granting him an X% chance to evade all attacks for X seconds, and incresing his attack by X for X seconds.

All out of creative juice, if you can think of a better idea for the special 3, be sure to comment.

In fact, if you want to add anything, be sure to comment and if I like the idea, I'll add it in.

Thanks for taking your time to read this! Have a great rest of your day!


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    It is a great idea to have Netflix's DareDevil with the black mask from season 1 and 3. I hope it is presented in the game.
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    These are all awesome ideas. I think his sp3 should be a dark roof fight like when he fought The Hand
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    Kabam should consider this.
  • RU11011RU11011 Posts: 871 ★★★★
    So we're just going to ignore the September 2017 then?
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