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Timezone is not everything. I'm skilled & active. 9.8k prestige searching for a home.

Greetings. As the title says, timezone is not everything. I'm tired of being rejected by alliances purely based on my timezone. It is biased, and unfair because I did not choose to not be a US citizen. I'm African, and proud. I'm skilled and active. I've majorly played in US-based 6x5 alliances up to top 250aq when I had only rank 4 5*s so that in itself should speak of my skills and activity. I'm not complicated and I'm not looking for much, I seek a 6x5 Alliance, Gold 1. I'm almost done with Labyrinth so that should boost my prestige to 10k. I have Line as well.


  • HkfHkf Posts: 16
    join 05948
  • HkfHkf Posts: 16
    but we are weak
  • djomla85djomla85 Posts: 107
    Map 5x5, war easy tier 6/7/8 G, line ID djomlamladja
  • JtJ10JtJ10 Posts: 124
    Hey man, we are a new alliance in the UK. Come join us be in something from the start worth building.
  • JtJ10JtJ10 Posts: 124
    We r going to do map 5 and have line and r a friendly bunch.
  • Cubb1es22Cubb1es22 Posts: 38
    If you are still looking...We are a fun group currently running AQ Map 5 as our priority with a Gold 2 ranking in AW. We are looking for good strong players that like to have fun, take part in friendly banter, and love to play the game. Alliance: JSSD. My line is cubb1es22.
  • MYG2MYG2 Posts: 67

    Hey Killa I got a home for you permanently all I need is for you to get in contact to me on line myg2hvyhitter74 AQ 5* modifiers aw gold 1 n looking to take in n ..
  • Generalzod163Generalzod163 Posts: 129
    Howdy fellow african, I have a US and African Time zone alliance, 34 mill alliance, map66655 and plat 4 aiming for plat 3 this season. Hit me on line if you interested, my LINE ID is generalzod163 and be part of an african/US alliance.
  • metalman695metalman695 Posts: 102
    Hey there! We do 665 and get 300m+ in AQ each week. We hover between plat 4 and gold 2 depending on how intense we're going in AW. Hit me up on Line - metalman695
  • metalman695metalman695 Posts: 102

    Hey there! We do 665 and get 300m+ in AQ each week. We hover between plat 4 and gold 2 depending on how intense we're going in AW. Hit me up on Line - metalman695

    Also, we have TONS of experience with different timezones. I am an extremely organized leader and know how to keep the ship afloat with people from all over the world. Won't be an issue. Hit me up
  • DarkMalachi2DarkMalachi2 Posts: 73
    LOL I hear ya. We're global. Line ID topffforum. Alliance name: Frequent Fighters United
  • metalman695metalman695 Posts: 102
    Still looking boss?
  • Jaz21289Jaz21289 Posts: 23
    We’re 6x5 and currently gold 2 but pushing for gold 1 and we welcome ALL time zones!
  • Eugene_VirtuosoEugene_Virtuoso Posts: 265
    Thank you All for your responses and offers.
  • LouisW89LouisW89 Posts: 126
    Hey, if you're still looking, check out [_ARES] alliance tag and add me on LINE: louisw89

    Gold 2, map 5.5.5 alliance. Pretty laid back, just ask that you take out your nodes in a reasonable time. We have time zones from US to Europe to Australia
  • purucllasicpurucllasic Posts: 11
    Still looking? What’s your Line ID. We are 6x5 AQ score 370m and AW gold 1. My line ID. Hydraagent
  • Temple14997Temple14997 Posts: 34
    If your still looking hit me up online at holy-temple. We are a platinum 3/4 alliance running map 5.
  • Eugene_VirtuosoEugene_Virtuoso Posts: 265
    Thanks All. I found an Alliance.
  • Eugene_VirtuosoEugene_Virtuoso Posts: 265
    Greetings again. Unfortunately my former alliance disbanded. I'm now around 10.2k prestige looking for Map 6x5, Plat 4.
  • Crazy_JamieCrazy_Jamie Posts: 345 ★★
    Not exactly in line with what you’re looking for, but perhaps close enough. Your timezone definitely wouldn’t be an issue. Have a read of my recruitment thread and send me a message if you’re interested;

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