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  • Can't login this morning what is going on?
  • Tanoman1 wrote: »
    Then never give an explanation of what's going on. It's unfortunate

    I'm guessing they're on the west coast, so they're all probably sound asleep for another few hours
  • chriskezchriskez Posts: 1
    Havent been able to login for 5 hours. Whats going on
  • This is getting tiresome.... we can't login and play for already 5 hours and haven't gotten any type of information from you.
  • SpiritSpirit Posts: 222
    Tanoman1 wrote: »
    Then never give an explanation of what's going on. It's unfortunate

    I'm guessing they're on the west coast, so they're all probably sound asleep for another few hours

    I am sorry but west coast?
  • Troubleshoot_ptTroubleshoot_pt Posts: 56

    And counting......
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 3,675 ★★★★★
    I can't log in either.

    Now I know how the A5 users feel but it's been a month and most of them probably don't give a **** anymore.

    I presume this issue will be fixed toot sweet while the A5 users miss out.
  • ImmoImmo Posts: 9
    Wake up and fix the issue asap i am in middle of arena i have to score a lot...
  • SilastySilasty Posts: 6
    The same here
  • Bbd1212Bbd1212 Posts: 4
    Samsung galaxy note 4. Android 6.0.1
    I can't login on my Android phone. I'm playing arena, give dr voodoo for free!!!
  • I have the same problem in France on Galaxy S4 mini.
    Help quickly, Kabam.
  • Edwardo_82Edwardo_82 Posts: 9
    @Troubleshoot_pt same here just checked now 4 hrs and counting
  • Troubleshoot_ptTroubleshoot_pt Posts: 56
    this is amazing! the lack of communication
  • Mojo1224Mojo1224 Posts: 19
    How many posts have to be created before we get some info from kabam??!! This has been going on for 4 hours and no explanation!!
  • Edwardo_82Edwardo_82 Posts: 9
    I know you would at least expect some sort of response with the amount of people having this issue
  • We deserve compensation, and i don't mean gold and potions. We have lost out on multiple premium, 3 and 4 star shards, battle points, units, gotg shards, not to mention the milestone prizes for hero use, gotg hero use, perfect series, arena wins etc. And since my entire alliance is on android we are also losing out on summoner advancement. Really not happy, also payed for a daily loyalty card that i can't log in to claim. Many players of this game have shown dedication and loyalty for months or years and have now lost out on loads. Really hope Kabam fixes this, and shows the same dedication and loyalty to us.
  • Troubleshoot_ptTroubleshoot_pt Posts: 56
    yeah... at least something....
  • DaleManguDaleMangu Posts: 48
    This is ****. The drop rate is **** trash and now since the only time we can get decent champs in arena and grind for them they do this ****.
  • Yes I agree for android users on losing time for arena grinding. I'm missing points for doctor Voodoo. I hope we get stamina refills for 4 hours of points 600 k
  • Lilspocket9Lilspocket9 Posts: 1
    I can't log in either. Galaxy S7 android 7.0. Very damn frusttating
  • Troubleshoot_ptTroubleshoot_pt Posts: 56
    @Aaronator024 even if they do that many people window of play has passed....
  • Guys.. got a message from kabam that adroid users will resume after 5 days starting from now (June 7, 2017)..

    This is not a joke.. even a single day you won't play you will miss a lot!
  • Troubleshoot_ptTroubleshoot_pt Posts: 56
  • Troubleshoot_ptTroubleshoot_pt Posts: 56
    Hope you just messing up :-P
  • Edwardo_82Edwardo_82 Posts: 9
    @elijahjeffrey hope that's a joke!!!
  • Требую компенсировать утраченное время!!!
  • Troubleshoot_ptTroubleshoot_pt Posts: 56
    @elijahjeffrey where the info came?
  • Is that true elijahjeffrey???
  • Troubleshoot_ptTroubleshoot_pt Posts: 56
    I think he's just messing up :-P
  • Jaguaraci_SilvaJaguaraci_Silva Posts: 151
    I cannot login:
    SO: Android 6.0.1
    Device: Moto G 4

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