**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.

Open spots for our Map 5 and Map 4 alliances

Hello fellow summoners, The Dark Side is looking for recruits! Open spots in T.DS1, T.DS2 and T.DS3!

ABOUT US: The Dark Side is a 4 alliance family that ranges from chill/retirement to hardcore active. Very well organized group for any and all players (f/m/d) from all around the world. Discord is required for communication and we have different channels in our server according stuff like AQ, AW, General Chatting, Help etc. and don't tolerate toxic behaviour.

Sith Eternal Army - [T.DS1] AQ - 5x5 w/Heroic Mods 160M+, going for Master Mods next week, AW - Silver 1 (1 BG, first come first serve because of AQ-Focus) ~7k+ Prestige [OPEN SPOT]

Sith Lords - [T.DS2] AQ - 5x5 w/Normal Mods 140M+, going for Heroic Mods soon, AW - Bronze 1 - 2 BGs (optional) ~6k Prestige [OPEN SPOTS]

Knights of Ren [T.DS3] AQ - Map 44433 - 000HH AW - Silver 2 ~4k Prestige [OPEN SPOTS]

Exile [T.DS0] Retirement alliance for those looking to just hang out and play with no stress or requirements

Feel free to join our server, drop us your roster and we will find you a home!


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    NRJ_1998NRJ_1998 Posts: 61
    @Korimyr I am interested in joining. I don't have 7k prestige however I am cavalier and skilled at the game so I wouldn't mind being in the top ally. What's your discord?
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