We are currently working to fix a known issue regarding Alliance Prestige. With the introduction of Relics, Summoner Prestige is now the average PI of your Top 5 Champions and the average PI of your Top 5 Relics (regardless of which Champion they are attached to) combined.

Today we pushed a fix that will allow for proper reward calculations in Alliance Quests. However, the display for Alliance Prestige will not be accurate and does not include Relic Prestige. This is a display issue only.

T4CC Trading System

So I had this idea recently to have a trading system back to the "bank" essentially as a way to help players progress in the short term but obviously long term consequences if done too often.

So my idea would be a trading badge with 3 levels

the beginner badge would come with the $5 unit bundle, and allow players to trade 4 of 1 type of t4cc for 1 of another (4 cosmic for 1 Mystic for example) or 2 of any 1 type of t4cc for 1 T4B

the advanced badge would come with the $30 Bundle and would allow 3 for 1 trading with no effect on the t4b trade

and the greater trading badge would come with the $100 and allow permanent 2 for 1 trading with t4cc, and 1 for 1 trading t4cc for t4b

kabam makes money in most cases players lose t4cc which in the long run will make them more money, and players get to rank up the champ they actually want to when they want even if it ends up taking longer to rank others long term.


  • whaler213whaler213 Posts: 151
    bumping surprised i didnt get any thoughts or opinions on this
  • Armaganon00Armaganon00 Posts: 741 ★★
    I would love the ability to trade my 10 science t4cc for something useful.
  • TempestTempest Posts: 295
    I like the idea but Kabam would never implement it... it is too much "new" additional work for them and they haven't even fixed all the existing bugs yet and still have to make sure the new monthly quests are up on time. I would be happy if they just reactivated being able to sell them instead of just letting them expire. At least you get SOMETHING back, whatever it is... T4B, gold, loyalty, crystal shards, SOMETHING,.
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