16.5 mil alliance needs 4

[wl64] Whalelord64

The main goals of this alliance are account progression and mitigating burn out. If you're getting tired of 5 days of AQ per week plus war, but still want solid glory this may be a home for you.

We're not totally sure about our final decisions, but we're averaging 130-150 million in AQ and managed Gold 3 with 2 BGs.

We likely are going to test map 7 to see if we can still hit the same point totals in fewer days and we're also planning to occasionally add a 3rd war BG aiming for gold 1 or 2.

Line is highly desired. We're a pretty laid back group and just want to see our team grow. If you are interested shoot me a message here, on Line at kmac_qtp, or in game at kmac$.


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