Domino appreciation thread

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I have seen some people here talking about Domino in a negative way, so I though I would write a little appreciation thread, because I value her higher.

First off, lot of people think that she is too RNG dependant. It is true, her Lucky/Unlucky, crit bleeds etc. are indeed dependant on rng, BUT her basic damage and crits are very solid, so she deals crapton of damage even with her basic attacks

Furthermore, her playstyle is actually very simple and requires no ramp up at all, unlike most other mutants (OR has ro stack spores, Havok gets his plasma charges, Namor utilises Imperius Rex a lot, Collossus stacks Armor Ups etc.), which allows her to get straight to damage. Her SPs dont need any prep at all, they are just...random. but their damage ranges from nice to awesome.

Her main use is with the Flaming Trinity synergy with Rulk and Massacre. Nice thing about this synergy is that no classes repeat themselves (Mutant-Skill-Science) and also all the champs are somehow useful, which is a nice detail.

And on top of all this, her awakening ability isn't necessary at all. I myself own a 4x dupped Domino (so sig 80) and it does only a little more dmg.

Now I am not saying Domino is da best, there are better options for content, but I think she deserves this recognition. She isn't so bad that she needed to be discarded like some people here suggested. I see her uses especially on the more playstyle-demanding nodes in the endgame.

P.S.: When you think her RNG is too bad, please remember that 1% regen Domino from Community Boss Rush 2 ;)


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    She is really good and many times her rng has saved the day for me
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    She is really good and many times her rng has saved the day for me

    I concur, I have had her save me with some massive crit bleed or some other inanity, she was my first r5 4*, over my awakened blade because of her damage alone
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