DH-DG is recruiting! 6.9 mil Alliance

SvainSvain Posts: 453 ★★
Disadvantaged Guardians

What are our goals as an Alliance? We are relatively experienced, and are growing at a fast pace. Players with similar minds are welcome. To learn as we progress together. Communication and Participation, two magical words. To be able to run AQ Maps 5 throughout the AQ season. To consistently hit all milestones of Alliance events.

What are we looking for in the new players? Roster: 11+ R4s minimum Some experience in AQ Maps 4&5 Ability to participate in both AQ & AW at the same time Desire to have fun and grow in a relaxed environment Duel Skirmish: 650 Completion: 15k

We are from the Disadvantaged family of alliances. We are a fun loving, yet experienced family of alliances, and Guardians is a fast growing member of this explosive family. We are now an Expert alliance! We are now recruiting! Hit me up here if you are interested and we can talk. We run 4 map 5s a week.

Line required, contact me on Line @ svainy

Hope to hear from you!


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