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The team will be redistributing lost keys.
Timeline is uncertain.
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Changing alliance name

Over the last couple days I've been going through the process of getting our alliance name changed. Never would i have thought this would have ended up being such a difficult task..
It started off by being told the name was taken that we wanted, i did a quick search to find out that in fact the name requested was not taken.
After this i was then told the name did not meet the criteria even though it seemed to fall under all of the correct criteria.
Anyway by the time we finally had a name that was accepted they immediately changed it but told me the tag was taken so for me to send throigh some possible tags to use. So i sent through a list of possible tags to then be told because our name was changed we cannot change it again for 90 days.. why is this simple task being made so difficult. If anyone can actually get this seen so i can get someone to handle this correctly it would be appreciated because all that seems to be happening atm is i wait for 10+ hours just to have a response which is yet again disappointing.


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