I need help with my masteries

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I kept putting off fixing my masteries but now I have finally reached level 60 and thought that it was about time. I checked a few mastery guides but I figure it’s better to consult experienced players

These are my top champions and the ones I used the most( Youndou excluded ). I am mostly interested in the monthly quests and slowly making my way to cavalier . I am a somewhat decent player but far from top level and I am not very good at sophisticated game tactics. I play this game more casually so I am not interested in getting super good . Could you reccomend me a good mastery set up that will fit with my roster and my more humble skills ? Here is my current very bad mastery set up and my roster


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    You should look at Recover (next to Salve in Defence tree) which boost ALL health recovery by 15% at Rank 3

    Then head to the premium Attack section with Despair, Deep Wounds and Assassination as well as Glass Cannon, but hold back from full on suicides since your top champs aren't particularly suicide-friendly
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    I'm assuming you have a total of either 58 or 59 mastery points.

    1.) Unlock recovery in the defense tree and max it. You don't need the extra points in vitality and greater vitality. 10 points in Defense for now (with max recovery and max block proficiency).
    In time try getting atleast one point in willpower. That will be a total of 16 points in defense. This would be a good standard defense build in the long run.

    2.) You don't need 2 points in dexterity just one is enough, max stupefy on the other hand. That one point in cosmic ascendancy or whatever that class mastery is called, is better replaced with Mystic dispersion as you have Doom and Magik. 3/5 MD is good enough for now. 15 points in Proficiencies (max parry, max stupefy, max limber), a very solid standard proficiencies build.

    3.) Reach out further in the offense tree to get despair, deep wounds (for Nick and Venom) and assassin. One point in despair and assassin, get as much as you can in deep wounds for now. I wouldn't say glass cannon is a must have unless you are considering suicide masteries in the future, but they are nice to have if you are looking for some extra attack.

    Distribute the points according to your needs as and when you are making investments in the future.

    Hope this helps.
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