I completed Abyss cheaper than Seatin... without Aegon

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I completed Abyss cheaper than Seatin... without Aegod

I suppose I'll start with my team and why I chose it. First, I'll give a bit of background on a team needed to complete Abyss. (Rewards made it worth it)

You'll need: A path clearer, someone for the Collector, someone for Mephisto, a good Mystic and an Invisible Woman counter.

The ideal path 1 team is Aegon, Nick, Sym, Torch and Heimdall. Aegon is arguably the best champ in the game at 999. Nick is the best for Invisible Woman (you won’t use him otherwise with Aegon). Sym can do all the Cosmic fights and solo VTD, which is the hardest Cosmic fight. And Torch can do all the Mystics and Mephisto.

Stealthy. He acted as my path clearer.

Corvus. He was my Collector option. Also used him on Ghost and IMIW.

Havok. I used him on Omega Red, Mephisto, Joe Fixit, and Aegon. In my opinion, he’s a bit underrated for Abyss. I believe Swedeah just posted a solo of Omega Red using his 6r3.

Nick. I used him a TON. He was a great option for the more basic fights as he deals tons of damage in minimal hits. Of course, I used him on Invisible Woman.

Doom. He acted as my Mystic for the run. I’ve heard Sym and Longshot are better for Path 1 but Doom worked pretty well for me as I didn’t have them.

All were maxed out and awakened.

Going into Abyss, I was worried for three fights. Venom The Duck, because he has a massive healthpool and his Abyssal Enhancement means you have to use a Mystic (Sym can solo. Doom cannot); Cyclops, because it requires some sort of skill which I have NONE of; and the Unit Collector, because that’s just a unit sink (especially without Aegod).

I had farmed ~350 L3 health pots from ROL, had 7 team revives, 20 singles, and 7k units. I wanted to make sure I had a reasonable buffer in case I messed up.

Anyway, let’s get into the breakdown of each fight.

Thing - Solo
Managed to solo with Stealthy. Took me maybe 15 attempts. Strategy is intercept-only. Activate Web-Foam (Slow) Pre-Fight. The fight will be at least 10 minutes. Super satisfying once you get him down.

Omega Red - 2 Revives, 35 Potions
Used Havok here. Try to play as passive as possible but don’t let “Fight Me Coward” kick in. Throw your L1 first to build up plasma charges and heavy 5 times. You don’t need to bother waiting for 10 plasma debuffs on Omega before throwing L3, because of Omega’s ability that lets him not always take damage from Plasma Detonations. Finished off with Corvus to gain a charge.

Quake - 4 Revives, 9 Potions
Used Nick. Was not happy with how this fight turned out. Messed up quite a bit (hence the 4 revives, where I had planned for 3). Anyway in this fight kill off your LMD immediately and go Unblockable. Make sure to have an Internal Bleed on the opponent at all times for extended Bleed duration.

Medusa - 4 Revives, 20 Potions
Doom, of course. Poor gameplay and bad luck (Medusa evaded the first hit of my L1 once) led me to use 4 revives. Could have played much better – on the Beta I used 2. I played the standard Doom cycle but instead of throwing L2 at 2 furies I would keep spamming L3.

Mephisto - 2 Revives, 23 Potions
Used Havok for this fight… the main reason why I believe Havok is underrated for Abyss. It was a 2 shot, and on my first attempt I took off 78% of his health. Parry the first 3 hits of his L1 for extra Plasma, but evade the last, as these first three hits do barely any damage. Havok can solo for sure if you run the right masteries (such as Despair). Super happy with how this fight went.

CMM - 2 Revives, 10 Potions
I’d prefer not to talk about this fight. Needless to say, I messed up, bad.

Ghost - 2 Revives, 12 Potions
I tried Nick first as a friend had told me to. Strategy was to get 16 Tactical Charges (Medium-Medium to get to L1 because of the Abyssal Power Drain ability thing) and bait out L1 so she wouldn’t phase Nick’s bleeds. Got a bit frustrated with it so after using 1 revive with Nick I jumped in with Corvus, turned on suicides and got her down, using Medium-Medium combos to conserve Abyssal Charges. I got my 2nd and 3rd Persistent Charge here from Abyssal evade and knocking out a Tech champ.

IMIW - 4 Revives, 49 Potions
Corvus all the way. Same strategy as before, MM your way to an L2. Try to play passive when you’re waiting for your Glaive Charges to come back. Could definitely have used less but was pretty happy with my performance.

Joe Fixit - 5 Revives, 6 Potions
Tried Nick here but Joe Fixit’s Abyssal Ability was so annoying as he would constantly Fate Seal me, meaning my Fury’s Fury would be nullified and no more permanent Tactical Charges. Ended up finishing with Havok – on Havok’s worst attempt he still did just as much as Nick Fury’s best.

Mordo - 3 Revives, 23 Potions
Mordo was “Doomed” from the very beginning. Standard Doom fight but watch out for Mordo’s Ass-tral evade. Thought I would use more revives but it turned out pretty well.

Venom The Duck - 6 Revives, 5 Potions
Another standard Doom fight. I could have done it in 4 revives, as 2 attempts in a row I managed to get over 20% in. Poor gameplay caused me to use the extra 2, it certainly was not as bad as I was expecting.

Howard The Duck - 5 Revives, 0 Potions
Nick. Didn’t like this fight as this guy’s Abyssal Enhancement is pretty much useless as all it does is force you to use more of your Skirmish charges up. Strategy was just to heavy spam until no more Indestructible charges were up, go Unblockable, and play normally. Bait out L1 as one L2 will take away half of your health because it’s un-evadeable.

Hyperion - 2 Revives, 0 Potions
Nothing much to say here. Doom used.

The Champion - 2 Revives, 23 Potions
Forgot why I used so many potions. Tried Stealthy first, hoping to solo, but eventually messed up and died, so switched to Doom. These two fights were a good break from the Ducks.

Cyclops - 11 (7) Revives, 69 Potions
Was dreading this fight from the beginning, but again was not as bad as I was expecting. Used Doom. Strategy was to spam Heavy against the wall and throw L3 for a nice Fury. Watch out for the modes, I eventually learned that Green = Parry and Yellow = Dex. Was fine once you got into the rhythm of it. The reason I put 7 revives up there was because it cost me 7 revives ON Cyclops, but I ended the fight using a Team revive as all my champs were dead by then. If that makes sense? Was not disappointed in how I played. Nick could have done better for sure but didn’t want to run the risk of dying early and wasting a revive.

Loki - 3 Revives, 0 Potions
Super annoying fight. His Abyssal ability drains your power quickly so it’s hard to get to an L1 for the Tactical Charges. Other than that, play normally.

Aegon - 2 Revives, 5 Potions
Used Havok and played normally. Block damage was pretty bad if you missed a Parry because of his Furies. Tried blocking the Beam hits of his L1 for extra Plasma but this strategy meant I took a bunch of block damage. Finished off with Corvus because I didn’t want to bother spending another revive.

Invisible Woman - 2 Revives, 13 Potions
Here I was excited! I was near the end of my run. It was Day 4 (couldn’t grind it out all in 1 day because I would lose concentration and play poorly). Play normally. First attempt got her to the hit cap, second attempt messed up, and third attempt got her down. If you run max Deep Wounds you may be able to solo.

Cull Obsidian - Solo
Fun fight using a Mystic; each buff nullified does 1% of his health as damage. Using Doom, you don’t want to apply a Stagger using your heavy attack (when he throws his L1, you nullify all 10 buffs but it only registers as 1). Pretty much just spam L1 and bait L1. MD helps a ton.

THE UNIT COLLECTOR! 36 Revives, 55 Health Potions
Horrible, horrible, horrible fight. Without Aegon, EVEN WITH Aegod, you will be chucking unit after unit after unit into this guy. Had a scuffed mastery set up (2 points in recoil, max Greater Strength) to give me the most attack boost possible. I learned how to avoid most of the damage from his L2 so I tried to push him there as much as possible. I kept trying and failing to dex his L1 so eventually I just tanked the first few hits and evaded the last ones. After 36 revives… I was done.

Honestly? Wasn’t so bad. In total, I spent 97 revives and 357 Level 3 Health potions, which I’m pretty proud of. I had a blast. And rewards made it 100% worth it. You’ll see why...

Rewards. 5* Basic, 20,000 6* Shards, 6* Awakening Gem Crystal and Tier 5 Class Catalyst Crystal.

5* Basic: Havok sig 40. This actually raised my prestige a couple points or so (my prestige is absolute trash).

6* Awakening Gem Crystal: Science. Nobody to use on. Was hoping for Cosmic to use on CMM/Corvus. That’s alright, I’m hoping for Void or Torch.

Tier 5 Class Catalyst Crystal: Tech. Yikes. Nobody to use on.

6* Crystals. Rhino, sig 20. Not good. Man Thing, new. That’s nice I guess but I won’t rank him because I run suicides. And then… 6* WARLOCK! He’s at rank 3 now. Throne Breaker! That guy made my entire run worth it.


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    Lvernon15 said:

    Erocks said:

    Lvernon15 said:

    Ok max

    Hey IP, Darkhawk L1 eater
    Hey max, 30 revives on grandmaster
    Probably better than my attempts at the guy, XD
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    Lvernon15 said:

    Erocks said:

    Lvernon15 said:

    Ok max

    Hey IP, Darkhawk L1 eater
    Hey max, 30 revives on grandmaster
    Max? You guys alliance buddies?
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    congrats! loved the puns
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    Kill_Grey said:

    That abyss Thing fight is very satisfying with Stealthy. I soloed him yesterday with my rank 5. 911 hits.

    700 or so for me - was running full suicides at the time
  • ErocksErocks Posts: 295 ★★
    Lvernon15 said:

    Erocks said:

    Lvernon15 said:

    Ok max

    Hey IP, Darkhawk L1 eater
    Hey max, 30 revives on grandmaster
  • ErocksErocks Posts: 295 ★★

    congrats! loved the puns

    Thank you thicco.
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    Congrats and nice write up - also enjoyed the puns
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    Should’ve used Cable with the Apocalypse synergy mate

    He should have a ranked up apocalypse and cable for it first.
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    Thank you KD. I must agree.
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    Kill_Grey said:

    That abyss Thing fight is very satisfying with Stealthy. I soloed him yesterday with my rank 5. 911 hits.

    What happened to G2099?
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    MaxB1963!! Get back to your room! I didn't give you permission to leave your room!! No dinner tonight
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