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Kabaam why don’t you have a purchase option for the new champs or really for any champs. I know a lot of people not necessarily in my alliance that love this game like I do but we do not have to to grind in the arenas due to family, work etc. The people that spend money on the game and get the champs they want without getting frustrated and stop playing (I have 7 friends that stopped playing because they spent a lot of money on units and not getting the champs they want). Even limit it pick any champ you want but make a purchase limit of 1 per month.


  • So then everyone would have every champ whenever they wanted them? Dupes as well for that matter. Your meant to grind and build ur roster..would break the game imo...theres champs i would love to have that i havent gotten yet but its either arena or luck of the draw
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