Side Event This Month

I believe this content is a headache & the nodes should be removed or let me us 5 champs instead of 3


  • Panchulon21Panchulon21 Posts: 1,913 ★★★★
  • gsil6374gsil6374 Posts: 258 ★★
    Don't make me side with Kabam, I hate doing that. 4 enemies you face. 1 person for each non boss, then all 3 of your men rush the last boss. I don't see the problem here when you have stuff like Act 6 facing nearly a dozen enemies. Personally I've enjoyed this side event more then the Caviler difficulty, which I won't 100% this month.
  • MasterSmokeMasterSmoke Posts: 238 ★★
    This Mojo boss sucks like most mojo
    Bosses & the boost are good but not great
  • VendemiaireVendemiaire Posts: 1,356 ★★★★
    Last month was rewarding but the quest was really boring. It's like I have to log-in just to pickup the rewards and then wait again for tomorrow. At least, this month, it is challenging, for my roster at least. I play this game for its interactive challenges and not just the rewards. I could have played an AFK click-click-click game if I don't like challenges.
  • DontsellthemDontsellthem Posts: 221
    I’d like to add that I simply don’t like this way of doing the side quest(s).

    Not even comparing the rewards from last month, just the simplicity and non anxiety inducing ness of last month compared to this month....this one is not working for me
  • KerneasKerneas Posts: 1,451 ★★★★
    The problem with this sidequest is the EPIC difficulty. That one is rough equivalent to UC difficulty, with legendary being closer to Cavalier. That should mean, that epic is designed for people between 5.2 and 5.4. But those people face very little immunities. On Act 5 100% are only bleed and poison. How, I ask, can you expect Act 5 players to have so many immunity champions? Ofc you can trade those immunities for bigger challenge, but I dont expect people of that caliber having coldsnap immune or reliable constant evade counter.
  • DontsellthemDontsellthem Posts: 221
    I want to stress (for kabam to see), that I LOVED the style of the pirate quest.

    Give me the same map, same way of getting the keys and same rewards as the current October quest and I’m happy. They don’t have rewards you want, one less run you have to make.

    Pirate style = YAY. Replace those rewards with whatever you want, just keep it the same style.

    I’m able to do cavalier difficulty and epic (epic easily). I just became cavalier last night. But it’s my millionth account 😂. I just wanted to stress that I’m not complaining about the’s just the style of the quests compared to pirates
  • Lovejoy72Lovejoy72 Posts: 785 ★★★
    This quest rewards patience and the ability to appreciate slowly escalating rewards as they accumulate, rather than quick payouts. Thus, it was clearly designed for some other player base...
  • Nameless_IWNameless_IW Posts: 712 ★★★
    This month side event sucks plain and simple.
  • RaganatorRaganator Posts: 1,926 ★★★★★
    Generally dislike this month's side event. It's one thing to meet certain milestones every day to get a key (or equivalent) to enter a quest. Those can be completed by just playing the game. This month, the requirement to finish a short quest to enter into another quest is just a bit of a pain. I usually try to do every level of difficulty just for some extra rewards. This month, I'm finding it boring to even do the highest level of difficulty. I don't have complaints about the rewards or that they build over the month.
  • booscka2536booscka2536 Posts: 585 ★★★
    i dnt like this side quest either .. im not sure why i havnt had any issues going through it at all the rewards are on par for a normal side quest . its just not likeable if there is such a thing the deffinately shouldnt mess with it there isnt anything that needs fixing . these side quest ms are actually good for ppl like the op who think they need more champs it helps to push what yu can use instead of wishing for just tht one more roster spot . mix it up
  • WayntosWayntos Posts: 496 ★★
    Side quest is unit hog to a degree, the power again is horrible like for mojo node if attacker has more power after 15 seconds both champs go to zero power...low and behold I go to to zero mojo stays at 2 bars and hits me back to back specials unblockable specials......KABAM!! KO!

    And the story seems like GhostRider dialogue should be Mr. Pool in there......
  • Aomine_Daiki10Aomine_Daiki10 Posts: 840 ★★★
    I thought it was side quest that I was bored of but I realized it's the game in general :D
  • I go through the hades invasion legendary coldsnap path and the defender keeps evading all my strikes. is that normal or what?
  • Fluffy_pawsFluffy_paws Posts: 1,845 ★★★★★
    Trojans said:

    I go through the hades invasion legendary coldsnap path and the defender keeps evading all my strikes. is that normal or what?

    Read the boosts you use
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