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I think I speak for everybody when I think we are a bit tired of beating up ROL Winter Soldier to see big numbers off new champs.
I propose a new mode.
Where there is one fight against any champ you choose.
You have access to the entire roster.
Most importantly:
You pick the nodes
You pick the health of the opponent
Infinite health? Done
100% ability accuracy? Done
Imagine how good this would be for see the truly nuts numbers.
Wanna spend an hour getting Human Torch to 4,000 smoulders? done
Wanna test the extent of new champs? done
This would also help with the nodes you have trouble with.
You could also change certain aspects of a champion. E.g. Remove HTD 4 Iso-loader limit.
E.g. Remove the carnage 5 symbiote thing limit
As a cost to this i propose a 10-15 unit entry fee


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    There's a reason why duel credits are limited per day and also why it cost units after reaching the said limit.
  • Hey guys, a similar suggestion was made HERE. If you would like to discuss this topic further, please do so in that thread. Thanks!
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